Which Carnival Swing Ride Is More Popular Today

Which Carnival Swing Ride Is More Popular Today
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If you have ever been to a carnival before and have seen several people on what appeared to be swings whirling through the air, this is called a swing ride for obvious reasons, sometimes called a yo-yo, and is one of the more popular rides at any Carnival. It is a variation of a carousel, in some ways, in that people are seated and that the ride spins around. Although they used to spin in a circle and that was all, many modifications have been made to improve how fun these rides can be. Let’s take a look at which Carnival swing ride is more popular today, and why you should check them out.

An Overview Of The Carnival Swing Ride

The origins of this particular ride seemed to date back to the early 1900s, specifically with a ride called the Flying Swing. It premiered in Oakland California, and since that time many other variations have been made including one in Germany called the Chair O Planes. Although you may only see the one ride at a carnival that you frequent, even back then hundreds of units were manufactured and sold to different state fairs and carnivals around the world. They have had many modifications including the ability to tilt, which makes it much more fun than simply spinning in a circle like you would on a merry-go-round.

Which Carnival Swing Ride Is More Popular Today
Which Carnival Swing Ride Is More Popular Today

Why People Like These Rides

There is some debate as to why people like these particular rides. For children, it is probably because kids like to be in a swing. Additionally, kids are also very fond of the merry-go-round, and it seems to be a combination of the two. For adults, especially those that do not get sick when spinning in a circle for multiple minutes, it might remind them of their childhood. It is not a difficult ride in comparison to the Zipper, or the Octopus, and still provides you with some amount of thrill.

The Most Popular Carnival Swing Ride

The most popular ride of this type is the kind that spins and tilts. As mentioned before, the Chair-O-Planes is extremely popular, sometimes referred to as a chain a carousel, one that has been seen at the Roonkarker Mart Fair in Germany. Most people like to try something different, and because of its ability to tilt, rides like the Slanggungan located in Gothenburg, Sweden are among the most popular. You can also find them in Austria, Denmark, France and the Netherlands, and of course in the United States. They are by far the most popular type of carnival swing ride, regardless of their name.

This overview of these fun filled carnival rides should at least motivate you to try them out. If you do not have a problem with going around corners while driving in a car, or you have ridden in rides at a local fair or carnival, you should have no problem with this at all. They are designed for kids and adults alike, with one person in each seat at a time. It will be a fantastic way to bond with your kids, if you have any, as all of you get to scream and have fun as you circle at high speeds on one of these well-known carnival swing rides.

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