Bumper Cars Manufacturer – How To Find Them

Bumper Cars Manufacturer – How To Find Them
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Most people of into an amusement park before have ridden on bumper cars. These are fun devices to ride in, interacting with friends and family. The objective is really simple. You simply drive into other people, and the resounding jolt can make people laugh. They are fun to ride, but you might wonder how in the world they are made or even who actually makes them. Here are a few things that you should know about bumper cars, and where the top bumper cars manufacturers is located in the world today.

Also called dodgems in Britain, they are simply electric cars that are powered by a connection between the floor or ceiling in the area where they are driven. Victor Levand is the creator of these cars, and is responsible for so many thousands of different carnivals having these available. Kids enjoy them, as well as adults, and you can find them in virtually every country that has carnivals. Here is where most of them are manufactured in the world today.

Bumper Cars Manufacturer - How To Find Them
Bumper Cars Manufacturer – How To Find Them

If you go to Cincinnati Ohio, you can find the manufactured there. You can also find them located in many places including Six Flags great adventure. Frontier city has them, along with Cedar point and also fantasy Island. About a century ago, the major producers were the Lusse Brothers, and today,e a replica of the ride the originally built is in Santa Clara California at California’s great America. This is something that you should certainly check out if you are a bumper car fanatic, and it certainly will not disappoint.

Now that you have a little bit of background on bumper cars, and where some of them are manufactured, you can probably find many locations across the country where you can find the latest ones. Bumper cars are fun, regardless of your age, and wherever you happen to be, if you are lucky enough to find the latest and most innovative bumper car rides, you should definitely try them out.

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