Building An Outdoor Barrel Trackless Train

Building An Outdoor Barrel Trackless Train
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Children enjoy riding on small trains. You can build your own outdoors electric trackless train to give your children and the neighborhood kids rides. One of the easiest is to use large plastic barrels. To build your own outdoor kids’ train, you will need a few 55-gallon barrels, hollow section steel rods, angled steel rods, hollow circular steel rods, wheels and wheel axles, paint, nuts and bolts, and a flat tongue of steel. You will also need tools, including a drill and a circular or reciprocating saw.

Getting Started

To begin, first paint the barrels. It is easier to paint the barrels now rather than when they are cut and modified. If you want, you can paint if after the train is put together. This allows you to ensure the barrels and the frame are all the same color. Plastic barrels usually come in blue or white, but may be painted just about any color.

Once the barrels are painted and dried, you can start making the cuts. Turn each barrel on its side. You can use bricks or blocks to keep it from rolling. It is usually best to make the opening as long as the barrel and about two feet wide. This makes it easy to get in and out of the “car”.

Building An Outdoor Barrel Trackless Train
Building An Outdoor Barrel Trackless Train

Next, you will make the frame. Cut the hollow-section steel rods forming a rectangle about 35 by 20 inches. This will depend upon how large a frame you need. Also, cut an additional rod about 12 inches to connect the cars together. Weld the rectangle rods together and then add the twelve-inch rod to one of the ends of the rectangle. Your frame should fit around the barrel, end to end. The barrel will lay on top of the frame, not go through it.

Next, cut and weld two “V” shapes from the equal-angle steel rods. Attach these to the frame where the wheels will go, approximately ten inches from the back of the frame. Now, take your hollow circular rod and weld it into the crotch of each “V” shape. This is the housing for the wheel axle. Next secure this to the frame by drilling holes through the bars and inserting nuts and bolts.

Now you can push the wheel axle through the hollow steel rod and put on your wheels. If you are going to be giving rides, it is recommended that you use inflatable tires instead of hard plastic wheels. They provide a smoother ride and last longer.

You can attach the flat tongue by welding it to the hitch on the front barrel and then attaching the tongue to a riding lawnmower or an ATV. If you like, you may also add a seat in each barrel by installing a piece of wood at the back of the barrel.

Once you connect the barrel frames together, you are ready to go. An outdoor electric trackless train is a fun way to entertain your children and can keep them busy most of the day. You can even volunteer to give rides at the local festivals.

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