The Brief History Of Ferris Wheel Ride

The Brief History Of Ferris Wheel Ride
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Almost everyone has been on a Ferris Wheel before. It is an iconic ride that can be found at virtually any carnival or amusement Park nationwide. There are many concepts about the Ferris Wheel that people are not aware of, especially in regard to its origins. It was considered by many to be the answer to the Eiffel Tower, the American should of a landmark that was unique and tall. Thousands of them exist today, but it’s origins began back in the 1800s with an architect by the name of Daniel Burnham.

Who Is Gale Ferris?

This was an individual that was in charge of creating a showpiece in Chicago, one that would dazzle the world. He was an eminent architect, and with a team of designers, he decided to do something that would show up the Eiffel Tower that was presented to the world just a year before. Although there were many propositions including should bungee cord cars, toboggans, and perhaps even creating another similar Tower, he decided to make this exposition in Chicago in 1890 truly stand out by creating the Ferris Wheel. It was named after an engineer by the name of Gale Ferris, something that only Ferris could actually envision. Spending $25,000 of his own money, which was in enormous amount back in 1892, he created the very first Ferris Wheel.

The Brief History Of Ferris Wheel Ride
The Brief History Of Ferris Wheel Ride

Why They Are Popular

Moving forward from that date, with thousands of them all over the world, there is a certain appeal that this particular ride has, even becoming one of the main attractions in England, the London Eye, even over Buckingham palace. With most carnival rides, there is some aspect of speed that is involved that caters to most people, but definitely not with this ride. It is designed to give people perspective, allowing them to go up higher than they normally would, outside of the confines of the building. Even better, it’s rotating design made it possible for people to see multiple perspectives, and have fun at the same time, part of the reason that the Ferris Wheel is still around despite the fact the very first Ferris Wheel and it up as scrap as a result of lawsuits and debts that were owed by Mr. Ferris so many years ago.

Now that you have a little background on this ride which has seemingly risen from the ashes, it proves that great ideas are sometimes not accepted right away. It is now a focal point of all carnivals, a place that people can rise up above everything, getting perspective on where they are, what rides they will want to go on next, or simply having a good time with friends and family. Today they are made of very solid steel, and the safety precautions that are used are so much greater than they were all those years ago. However, if it were not for the innovative thoughts of Gale Ferris, this would never have become a ride that so many people enjoy.

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