Why Are Bouncy Castles So Popular In The 21st Century?

Why Are Bouncy Castles So Popular In The 21st Century?
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Outdoor fun comes in many forms. For example, there are birthday parties, church get-togethers, village events, graduations parties, and more. Depending on the ages of the people attending the party, a Bouncy Castle can add hours and hours of fun to the event.

What is a Bouncy Castle? It’s an inflatable “castle” made of a PVC or nylon that is durable and that can take a lot of abuses. For a Bouncy Castle to be effective, it has to be able to withstand air continuously leaking out of the structure whenever people, particularly children, play on it. They are huge in structure, expanding many feet both horizontally and vertically. However, when the air is completely out of the castles, they are easy to store.

In the past, it was difficult to find Bouncy Castles for an event, but today the popularity of the inflatable rental industry has grown, and you’re sure to find one to suit the needs of your event. So why are Bouncy Castles more popular than other party structures in the 21st century?

Why Are Bouncy Castles So Popular In The 21st Century?
Why Are Bouncy Castles So Popular In The 21st Century?

1. They’re Large, Colorful Outdoor Structures

If there’s a castle of this type at a party, you can’t’ miss it. The height and width, which normally begin at 15 feet by 15 feet, teamed wth the bright colors, such as red and yellow, make everyone notice. Whenever there’s a Bouncy Castle, children are jumping on it. They’re structures that get a work-out.

2. They’re affordable to Rent and Buy

There are two ways to get one of the structures. You can buy one or you can rent one. The price, in either way, is often under $300.

3. Most Children Love Bouncy Castles

If you wanted an activity that all children will love, setting up one of the castles will do it. Few children will pass up the opportunity to jump around in a colorful castle.

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to get a Bouncy Castle. You can rent one or you can buy one. However, if you buy one, you’ll need to be careful. Not all of these castles are on the same quality. If you buy one of poor quality, you take the risk of it collapsing on the children inside. This is not something that you would want, because there have been incidents when children have died inside an inflatable structure.

Also, if you buy a structure, you’ll need to have the room to store it. Although the structures deflate and fold, they still take up a significant amount of room.

When you rent one of the structures from a reputable company, you can be sure that the structures are set up probably. When the event is over, the company will deflate the structure and remove it from the property.

Whether you buy a Bouncy Castle or rent one, the best way to find the structures is online. The Internet is where you will find the best selections and the best prices.

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