Basic Tips in Cleaning An Inflatable Moon Bounce

Basic Tips in Cleaning An Inflatable Moon Bounce
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Cleaning the commercial moon bounce is important in keeping high quality service for the customers. Customers would want their kids to play in something that is safe and clean. Therefore, the company is responsible in making sure that their inflatable products are clean and dry before offering them to the next customers.

Basic Tips in Cleaning An Inflatable Moon Bounce
Basic Tips in Cleaning An Inflatable Moon Bounce

What Is The Proper Way Of Cleaning A Commercial Moon Bounce?

Proper cleaning ensures that your inflatable bounce will last longer. This is just a simple process. Listed below are some tips in making sure that you are cleaning your inflatable bounce properly.

1. Check first from your manufacturer the recommended cleaning formula for your inflatable products. You have to do this to avoid destroying the printed surfaces of the commercial bounce.

2. Inflate the commercial bounce and start cleaning by sweeping off or vacuuming the inside to get rid of the small particles left like candy wrappers, leaves, grass and dirt.

3. Once the bounce is free from debris and other particles, you can now start sanitizing it. Cleaning and sanitizing are two different methods. Sanitation is important because bacteria, viruses and molds may be present and they cannot be removed by simple cleaning. It will also assure that the inflatable bounce is safe for the children.

4. Using the recommended cleaning formula, spray the surfaces of the bounce and wipe it off with a soft cloth. Make sure that all the parts are sanitized. Afterwards, wipe the bounce again using a dry cloth.

5. You have to be sure that the bounce will dry fully before rolling it up and storing it. Leaving it wet may cause the inflatable to smell. It will also allow accumulation of molds and mildew which will soon destroy the product.

What Are The Other Ways To Maintain An Inflatable Bounce?

These are some helpful tips to make sure that your commercial bounce will last longer:

1. Check all the seams to make sure that they are free from holes. It is better to repair the issues earlier so that they would not lead to further damage of the bounce. As much as possible, make sure that the unit is free from dirt at all times.

2. Only allow children within the age limit according to the manufacturer抯 recommendation. If the weight exceeds the minimum limit, it may damage the bounce.

3. Store the unit in a place free from rodents and other pests that can destroy it. The place should not be too hot or cold, as the temperature may also cause the unit to wear out over time.

Cleaning and sanitizing the inflatable bounce properly will not just get rid of the small particles; it will also ensure the health of the kids who are using it. This is because the surface of the bounce may be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. A clean and presentable commercial moon bounce will also reflect the quality of services offered by your business. If you provide good services to the customers, it can lead to more customers in the future.

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