Amusement Parks Are Buying Up Spinning Rides Like Crazy!

Amusement Parks Are Buying Up Spinning Rides Like Crazy!
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Spinning rides have been around for decades, and when the first ride known as Top Spin came out in Europe in 1990, it was an instant success. Over the years, amusement parks all over the world have been slowly purchasing spinning rides, but in the past few years, there has been a large rekindled interest in these rides. Top Spin is the number one ride that numerous manufacturers still copy to this day, and with good reason!

Fairgoers know what they want, and rides that spin seem to be it. What makes these rides so popular? Why are amusement parks investing so much money into them? Let’s take an in depth look!

Exciting Ride Sequence

There’s nothing more boring for a fairgoer than to experience the same ride twice, only to recognize that the sequences are simply the same. Many rides have little to no variation in their sequences when they start up again, and that can quickly decrease their worth in an amusement park setting.

Though most park owners cater to the tourist crowd, it’s important to consider that there may be return visitors. In fact, any good business will count on them. However, if the ride has nothing additional to offer in terms of variation sequences, then the ride itself is no longer interesting or innovative.

Amusement Parks Are Buying Up Spinning Rides Like Crazy!
Amusement Parks Are Buying Up Spinning Rides Like Crazy!

Small Spatial Footprint

Not all amusement parks cover acres upon acres of land, so it’s important to use space wisely. Roller coasters are notorious for taking up the most space, and though they’re indeed visually appealing, they’re also bad at saving space. On the other hand, spinning rides in comparison to roller coasters and merry-go-rounds have relatively small spatial footprints. Since they’re easy to install in any sized amusement park, it also makes them popular.

Top Build Quality

The highest build quality is often found in spinning rides such as the Top Spin. A quality build can ensure a long-lasting ride that gives a park owner a good return on the investment. Since park rides can be expensive to fix, it’s important that the build quality is high. Additionally, the suspended structure is one of the safest in amusement park rides to this date, and that makes them the perfect addition to any park.

Optimal Rider Comfort

Not all park rides are comfortable, and the older they are, the more discomfort riders can experience. Spinning rides are created with optimal support seating that helps remove some of the stress of the ride, and visitors are twice as likely to ride again if they feel at ease and comfortable.

Plenty Of Seating

Lastly, it’s important to consider for any amusement park ride how many visitors it can seat. For example, the first Top Spin ride was able to seat up to 40 people, making it one of the best investments there is. When taking into consideration the number of visitors that can ride at the same time, park owners can cut operational costs and make a bigger profit!

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