Everyones Favortite Carnival Amusement Rides

4 Of Everyones Favortite Carnival Amusement Rides

Many times in the carnival amusement ride industry the roller coaster will be hogging all the attention, with nationwide news and polls to decide which one is best, however, there are hundreds of other rides in every amusement park across the nation that can be as much or more fun than the roller coasters.
Let’s take a look at some of the more popular rides that you should be looking for the next time you have your family out for fun day at the local carnival.

The Tilt-A-Whirl Has Been Popular For Nearly A Century

This fantastic ride was invented way back in 1926 making it nearly 90 years old. It combines multiple spinning cars that are also on long octopus like arms that are rotating as well, creating a strong centrifugal force that wildly spins in different directions, faster then slower and then faster again, to keep the blood rushing to your head and your heart pounding. While the original inventor only built and sold about 1000 of these wonderful machines, thre have been multiple copies made and sold under slightly different names throughout the US and the world as well. This is one of those rides where it’s best not to eat any carnival food just before you get on.

The Ferris Wheel Can Be One Of The Most Romantic Thrill Rides In The Park

Everyones Favortite Carnival Amusement Rides
Everyones Favortite Carnival Amusement Rides

While the Ferris Wheel isn’t one of those rides that tests the contents of your stomach against gravity, or gives you a sore neck, it is a romantic adventure that can provide breathtaking views from high above the park. The original Ferris Wheel was introduced over 100 years ago in the 1893 Columbian Exposition of Chicago, and still today it is a ride that has withstood the test of time. Even if the more thrilling, lose your lunch type rides are your favorites, nearly everyone that visits an amusement park should ride the Ferris Wheel at least one time, if not twice.

The Bumper Cars Are Where You Can Show Your Expert Driving Skills

The Bumper Cars Are Where You Can Show Your Expert Driving Skills
The Bumper Cars Are Where You Can Show Your Expert Driving Skills

If you’ve ever had the desire of bashing into the side of another car, and not pay a steep price, this is your golden opportunity here. Although there is always a sign that says ‘no head-on collisions’ and other safety rules, bashing into the side of your buddies car can be very rewarding. You can also demonstrate what an elite driver you are my outmaneuvering the oncoming revenge hits headed your way. Of course, you’ll not want to hit your girlfriend too hard, as she may not want to go home with you riding in the same car.

No Amusement Park Is Complete Without The Haunted Mansion

You may pass by the haunted mansion several times and deny that it can scare you, however, you have to admit that a well-run and designed haunted mansion ride can be fun. Especially so, if you take a long a beautiful girl that needs comforting arms of an unshakable, confident boyfriend.

Visiting an amusement park is an annual tradition in many families that has been passed down over generations. Even with all of the video games available now, there is still nothing close to loosing your lunch on xBox.

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