3 Top Carousels To Enjoy In New York

3 Top Carousels To Enjoy In New York
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One thing you may never have realized about New York City is that the Big Apple is just chock full of carousel rides. Throughout the city in easy-to-see places, tucked away places and everywhere in between, you should not be surprised to find a delightful carousel beckoning you. In this article, we will focus on the top three best carousel rides in New York City. We will also provide a handy list of the others. Visiting all of NYC’s lovely carousels is a holiday experience you are sure to treasure for years to come.
Best 3 NYC Carousels

1. The Bug Carousel
When you visit the Bronx Zoo, you must be sure to take your little ones for a ride on the Bug Carousel, which is filled with realistic and colorful bugs. Just imagine the photo ops! This ride is free for zoo members and $3 for others.

2. Forest Park Carousel
This carousel is filled with historical significance. It features gorgeous animals that were hand carved by artist, Daniel Muller, in 1903. This traditional carousel is open daily in the summertime and on the weekends in the autumn and the spring. Tickets are $3.

3. Carousel for All Children
This lovely Victorian styled carousel features unusual animals (leopards, zebras, pandas and gorillas) and beautiful, hand-painted depictions of some of the most beloved landmarks of Staten Island. This wheel-chair accessible carousel is open weekends and on varying weekdays. Rides are only $1.50


We chose those three as the best NYC carousels because they represent novelty, history and inclusion. Here’s a short list of the other fascinating carousels you can and should visit when you are in New York.

* Le Carrousel – When visiting Bryant Park in Manhattan, keep your eyes peeled for this vintage treasure.
* Central Park Carousel – This is the fourth incarnation of this famous carousel. Its predecessors all burned down! You can enjoy a nice long ride on this one any summer day for just $3.
* The Totally Kid Carousel in River Side Park provides spectacular views. While riding, you can gaze upon Harlem’s west side and some scenic areas of New Jersey. Mounts are most unusual because they were inspired by artwork produced by local youth. The original artwork is posted for comparison. This unique ride only costs a dollar!
* Seaglass Carousel is a fish themed ride at the Battery. Kids can ride perched inside a collection of thirty luminescent fish. It is quite unique because the motor is underneath the floor so there is no center column. It’s like being in an aquarium. Tickets are $5.
* Pier 62 Carousel is nautical themed and features thirty-three different local water creatures. It also features a living green roof, which provides cool, natural shade on hot summer days. Tickets are $2 for kids. Adults get free admission when riding with a child.
* Flushing Meadows Carousel – This lovely ride also has historical significance as it has been in place since the World’s Fair in 1963. Be advised that this is not a good ride for little babies because it is quite fast! Older kids love it, though. Tickets are $3.
* The Coney Island carousel is a classic, and you simply must ride it just to say you have (and to get some great photo ops). Tickets are $3
* Staten Island Zoo’s Conservation Carousel gives kids a chance to get up-close-and-personal with endangered animals for only $2 a ride.
* The Prospect Park Carousel features gorgeously carved, classic horses, giraffes, lions and a chariot pulled by dragons. Kids ride free on Thursdays. Otherwise, tickets are $2.
* Jane’s Carousel can be found at Brooklyn Bridge Park. This carousel offers lots of neighborhood atmosphere and great views of Manhattan. The carousel is open all year, so if you are visiting in the winter, you can enjoy riding in the snow! Tickets are $2.

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