Do You Collect Vintage Carousel Horses?

Do You Collect Vintage Carousel Horses?

Most everyone has fond memories from their childhood of riding on a merry-go-round or carousel at a fair or amusement park. These rides have been staples of such places for decades, and are often the first rides that children get to go on. They are fun for people of all ages.

While the seats on a carousel can be almost anything, the classic shape is that of a horse. Since carousels have been around for many years, collecting vintage carousel horses is a pastime enjoyed by many. If you love these rides, and have some extra money on hand, you might want to take up this hobby.

Do You Collect Vintage Carousel Horses?
Do You Collect Vintage Carousel Horses?

Of course, collecting these items requires a fair bit of storage space. You cannot just display your carousel horses in a glass case in your living room. Instead, you will need to find room in a garage or other large space. You might even have to rent a storage unit where they can be kept safely.

There are quite a few places where you can go to find these items when you are getting started with this hobby. Keep an eye out for news of fairs in your area. Stop by and see if the operators have any old horses that they are getting rid of. These might not be in the best shape, but if you are willing to do some work, you can restore them to their original condition.

You might also be able to find horses online on auction sites such as eBay or other places. Of course, bidding on these items can be rather anxiety-inducing. You never know when someone will swoop in at the last second and outbid you. However, when you win an auction, it can be a very exciting thrill to experience.

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